Everything You Need to Know About Bootcamps

The most convenient location for a bootcamp will obviously be one right near your home. Even better, you could set up a boot camp in your backyard. The close proximity to your residence will obviate any excuse that you might have for skipping workout sessions. This will ensure that you are exercising regularly and will help to keep you fit and healthy. This will also help you to avoid strenuous travelling which will save a lot of time and you will not be tired out even before you start exercising. Go to www.facebook.com/BootCampGoldCoast/ for some excellent workout ideas.


Another good location for bootcamps would be a public park. This is quite popular and most personal trainers would recommend you to such a camp. The advantage of a boot camp in a public park is that these places are almost unaffected by pollution. There is a lot of greenery around with the trees, bushes and lawns in the park. Moreover, there is sufficient open space for you to perform the exercises freely. Public parks are also maintained by the authorities and so they are clean at all times.

Some boot camps have their own facilities. They organize camps in their own premises or a rented location. The advantages of such a location are that the trainers can use a lot of modern and heavy equipments which in case of other locations it would be difficult for them to carry along. Further the setup will be convenient for both you and the instructors.

Exercise for a Healthy Heart

As a Dangerously Fit personal trainer you will definitely know the importance of having a healthy heart. How you need to stay active throughout the day, and avoid long periods of just sitting. Inactivity is seen as one of the bigger risk factors when it comes to heart disease. Even if a person does have a heart problem, light exercising can prove beneficial.

How does exercising help?

When you exercise, the muscles of the heart become stronger and work to their maximum level. Doing a moderate 30-minute exercise stint a day will help lower the risk of heart disease. It will also prevent you from getting high blood pressure, diabetes, and reduces the risk of getting a stroke.

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Types of exercises that will help

Any type of cardiovascular exercise which helps to increase breathing and heart rate is good. If the cardiovascular fitness is good it will help your body in using oxygen. This can be seen if you do not get tired when climbing stairs or doing other physical exercises. Listed below are some activities that are great for a healthy heart.

A brisk walk is extremely beneficial and a natural way for improving fitness. If it is not possible to go outdoors, you can use a treadmill.

Running is another great way to burn calories. It offers a bonus by helping you to lose weight.

Cycling is an activity that helps the heart to pump, and is easy on the joints. It helps to build your strength and tone up your core muscles. If outdoor cycling is not possible you can join a spin class in the gym.

Swimming helps to improve your heart rate. Since the water has a multi-directional resistance, your body will benefit in tone and muscular strength. For people who suffer from joint pain and find walking and running difficult, swimming is a great alternative.

Benefits of exercising

The heart needs to pump blood in the body, so the heart muscles need to be strong. This can be achieved through regular physical activity. If such activity is missing, the body will lose its stamina and strength. There are several benefits stemming from regular physical activity about which, as bondi personal trainers you can advise your clients:

  • Prevents heart disease
  • Builds stronger immunity
  • Helps to reduce stress and tension
  • Helps to control weight
  • Aids cardiac rehabilitation
  • Lowers risk of stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Helps to quit smoking

Workouts that are not good for the heart

Not all exercises are good for the heart. Only personal trainers in Bondi can advise their clients of some of the dangers that result from certain exercises. Running for a long period of time on pavements can be dangerous. It will make you prone to injury and body pain, and wear out the body.

There are other heavy physical exercises such as shovelling snow, bicycling for hours on your first day, etc. which the body is not trained for. During such activities, excessive adrenaline gets released which can bring on a heart attack. In conclusion, you should do exercises which you enjoy doing and can do regularly, not forgetting to warm up for the more demanding routines.